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Trace minerals are minerals, such as copper, zinc, chromium, tin and selenium which the body requires for proper health. Trace minerals are needed for optimum health, but trace minerals are needed in doses less than 100 mg. Minerals, including trace minerals, are the building blocks of the body. Every living cell of the human body depends on minerals and trace minerals for proper structure and function.


Trace minerals help to boost the immune system and keep it strong. Vitamins, minerals and trace minerals work together inside the body at a cellular level. Vitamins, minerals and trace minerals work together to make each other more absorbable or useable by the body. For example the body is unable to properly absorb calcium unless vitamin D is present. The body is not able to properly use calcium unless magnesium is present. Vitamins, Minerals and trace minerals also team up to perform specific tasks inside the body. For example. Vitamin E, when teamed with Selenium, destroys free radicals. Manganese, when teamed with vitamin B-1 and Choline, aids the body in digestion. If you do not get enough vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, your body will not function properly. Minerals are inorganic substances that the body CANNOT make on it's own. You must get minerals from the food you eat (see below) or through supplementation.


The problem with trace minerals and our food supply is, due to today's farming practices, the soil our food supply is grown in is depleted of trace minerals. Trees have been removed from today's farm lands. Trees have an extremely deep root system which allows them to reach and absorb trace minerals far underground. These trace minerals are then carried, and stored, through out the entire tree, including the leaves. When the leaves fall and decay, the trace minerals in the leaves reenter the soil. This would allow for shallow rooted plants, which most of our food supply comes from, to be able to absorb these trace minerals. Without any tree coverage to keep the soil supplied with trace minerals, the soil soon becomes trace mineral depleted. Once the soil is depleted of trace minerals, the food produced in that soil is also depleted of trace minerals. Add in the fact that today's crops are not rotated regularly and the land is rarely, if ever, allowed to lay fallow and we have a food supply that is trace mineral depleted.

Although farmers use fertilizer on the land, the fertilizer's that farmers use only replaces 3 of the major minerals (potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus) and none of the trace minerals. The reason that farmers replace those 3 particular minerals is because those minerals will help a plant quickly produce a larger, more appealing harvest. Unfortunately the harvested fruits and vegetables are severely lacking in minerals and trace minerals.


Trace minerals have been shown in verified clinical studies to have a therapeutic effect on the quality of life of cancer patients. The open, group controlled, nine month study, which ended in 1992, found that the 40 patients with histologically verified mammary (breast) cancer had significant improvement in the following areas:
  • The adverse effects of radio- and chemotherapy were reduced.
  • The liver deteriorating effect of chemotherapeutic drugs was reduced.
  • The endocrine functions of the adrenal gland were stimulated.
  • The affectivity of preoperative radiotherapy was improved.
  • The physical status of the patients was improved.
  • The main therapeutic aim in malignancies is to improve the immune system. Mineral and trace minerals are essential to the function of the immune system.
  • Mineral and trace mineral supplementation aids in the recovery process and maintains modified biological equilibrium, which is one of the most important objectives of effective therapy.

Although the study was conducted on patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer, the treatments used for other types of cancer can have the same devastating effects on the body. Trace minerals can help improve "how the patients feel" and provide an improved sense of well being.


NEWtritional Health Care uses only chelated trace minerals. For a report on colloidal trace minerals and why chelated trace minerals are better please visit this page: COLLOIDAL MINERALS.


Trace Mineral Drops provide the right minerals in the right amount in the right form for proper trace mineral supplementation. The minerals and trace minerals in Trace Mineral Drops are in their lowest reduced state, so they are safer to consume. Additionally, the minerals and trace minerals have a neutral charge to promote their absorption in the body. Each recommended dose provides the trace minerals in calibrated proportion, promoting rapid absorption from the GI tract, maximizing the bioavailability and increasing the actual use of the trace minerals by the cells of the body.

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Trace Mineral Drops

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