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All deficiency disease is the result of pH imbalance and a lack of nutrients, minerals, amino acids or essential fatty acids. When you lack any of the essential nutrients or have toxins enter your system, you are beginning the process of acidosis, breaking down at a cellular level. In other words, your body pH balance is disrupted, causing the body to form the perfect environment for the development of disorders such as arthritis, weight gain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, yeast infestations, constipation, spastic colan, Cohn's disease, gout, acid reflux, kidney stones, diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Body pH balance can be easily tested using a pH strip to test your saliva and urine. The body pH balance scale reads from 1, which is acidic, to 10, which is alkaline. The idea body pH balance should fall between 6.8 and 7.5. According to Dr. Mark Cockran, anybody that tests 4.5 or below is in terrible trouble with most having some form of cancer. Anything below 6.8 should be of concern. When urine test over 9.0 your body is so acidic that you are producing ammonia to protect your kidneys. Any super acidity will destroy your kidneys! Ammonia is extremely alkaline and is produced by your body of offset the acid that will strip out the lining of the kidneys.


When your body pH is balanced the cells in your body will oxygenate and cause you to heal at a phenomenal rate. Cancer cells put in a test tube with acidic fluids will multiply. Put those same cancer cells in a test tube with alkaline fluids and they die. When the fluid inside a cell becomes acidic it will melt down the components that make the cell healthy. When this happens the DNA, the code for structuring your body, and the RNA, the bodies messenger, are no longer able to properly communicate with each other so you have developmental problems such as cancer. With a proper body pH balance will allow the code to send messages properly, the way God intended. When you have proper body pH balance, the body will eject toxins. This reaction has many names such as detoxification, reactivation or healing crises. When you first begin to achieve a proper body pH balance you will have a reaction. Your body will neutralize acids and throw off poisons which may cause you to feel weak and shaky, urinate frequently, have slight headaches, sore joints and tender muscles. This is caused by the toxins leaving the body. As a matter of fact, your bath water will even darken from the mercury coming out of your body. These are all normal reactions to detoxification and will only last for a few days. According to DR Cockran, when the body achieves proper body pH balance, by removing the toxins in the cells, macular degeneration will disappear.


Acidic conditions in the body will cause you to have low energy and to "not feel good" in general. Acidic conditions causes a poor immune system, making you less resistant to sickness (colds, flu etc.). Acid hinders the bodies ability to absorb oxygen, vitamins and minerals. Lack of oxygen intake will slow down the metabolism, an acidic body cannot lose weight and keep it off. Some of the more common symptoms associated with acid conditions are Chronic Fatigue, allergies, ADD, ADHD, ear problems, and upper respiratory problems. If the body pH balance gets very far out of balance the body will pull alkalizing minerals from your bones. This will help lower the acid in your body but leaves the bones weak leading to osteoporosis and gout.


Your gall bladder produces bile which is an alkalizing agent to decrease the acid in your body. With today's diets, most people take in more acid than the gall bladder can neutralize. You can control your body pH balance by drinking plenty of water, limiting the amount of red meat you eat, not drinking soft drinks of any kind including diet and caffeine free (soft drinks are EXTREMELY acidic), and by making the fluids you consume more alkaline. Water in general has a neutral pH of around 7.0 when it is not polluted with chemicals. Just 2 Alkalizing pH Drops can take an eight ounce glass of water over 10.0 making the water much more easily absorbed at a cellular level keeping the fluids alkaline. Alkalizing pH drops will decrease the acid content of any liquid (water, tea, coffee etc.) except soft drinks. Alkalizing pH drops will cause detoxification, removing harmful toxins from the cells.

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Alkalizing pH Drops

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