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MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) is a naturally occurring, organic, bioavailalbe sulfur and is recongnized as the richest source of organic sulfur available. Sulfur is the Fourth most abundant mineral in all living things and is vital to the creation and regeneration of tissue. MSM is found in, and used by, every cell in the human body. MSM capsules are easy to take without the taste of other MSM products. MSM powder has a long list of benefits for the entire body


MSM is fast becoming the most popular supplement in the ever-growing world of nutrition. It's no wonder when you understand how many health-enhancing benefits it offers, with no negative side effects other than the occasional symptoms of detoxification. Because Sulfur is required by every cell to produce energy at cellular levels, MSM capsules increase energy, alertness, mental calmness and the ability to concentrate. MSM capsules have been shown to relieve arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, bursitis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Within four months of use, your skin will look and feel more youthful, and your energy level will increase to where it was when you were 10 to 12 years younger. MSM capsules have a very positive effect on many different systems of the human body. You can find a more complete description of MSM and MSM capsules, and the benefits they offer, by visiting this page: MSM CAPSULES - MSM SUPPLEMENTS


Because of the nature of the world today everybody is exposed to toxins and industrial chemicals. Bill Moyers, a participant in a study sponsered by Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, was found to have eighty-four distinct chemicals in his body. His results were not unusual. Michael McCally, M.D., Ph.D., Mount Sinai School of Medicine says "Current 'normal' body burdens of dioxin and several other well-studied organochlorines in humans are at or near the range of which toxic effects occur in laboratory animals." The possible effects of these toxins to your health are varied. For example: Dioxins (found in meat, dairy, fish and eggs) may cause increases of cancer of all kinds. Phthalates (found in lotions, nail polish, hair sprays and perfumes), in animal studies, are toxic to the liver, kidneys, testes and nervous system. MSM causes rapid detoxification of body tissues. MSM makes the walls of cells more permeable. Permeable cell walls make it much easier for the body to absorb nutrients and eject toxins. These toxins will attach themselves to excess MSM. Excess MSM flushes out of the body quickly, usually within twelve hours, taking the attached toxins with it.


MSM capsules and MSM powder both provide the same great benefits. MSM powder is actually abosrbed into the body quicker. Unfortunatly MSM powder does not have a very pleasant taste. If you suffer from acid reflux, heartburn or constipation you may wish to take the powder (see the MSM POWDER page for more details). If you do not suffer from those conditions, or have trouble taking substances with unpleasant tastes, then you may want to take MSM capsules.


Each serving of MSM capsules from NEWtritional Health Care provides: 4800 mg of Lignisul MSM, 184.5 mg of vitamin C, 165.6 mg of Calcium, 105.4 mg of Magnesium as well as a unique blend of bioflavonoids, potassim bicarbonate and chemical free mixed fruit powders. MSM capsules from NHC do not include any "filler" material such as corn, wheat, barley, yeast, rye, cane sugar, dairy, soy, sodium, gluten or artificial flavors and preservatives. Like all NHC supplements, NHC treats its MSM capsules with its patent pending system to insure that the supplement itself is alkaline. The more alkaline the body is, the better it can flush out toxins and absorb nutrients. NHC supplements are the ONLY supplements on the market treated in this way.

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