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Lower cholesterol naturally with Alfalfa, which means "Father Of All Foods" Alfalfa has been used for centuries for a variety of health issues. Today it is very popular for it's ability to lower harmful LDL cholesterol while at the same time raising good HDL cholesterol. Many animal studies have shown that Alfalfa is an effective way to lower cholesterol naturally. Here are a few examples: Lower Cholesterol Naturally Animal Study 1 and Lower Cholesterol Naturally Animal Study 2. One recent six week study on humans by Dr. Lawrence Rink, a clinical professor at the University of Indiana School of Medicine, using Alfalfa sprouts, found an average 16.6% reduction of LDL cholesterol and an average 11.2% increase in HDL cholesterol. Details of the human study can be found here: Lower Cholesterol Naturally Human Study.

Alfalfa is known to have every known vitamin, a high chlorophyll content, a rich selection of minerals including calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and potassium, and eight essential amino acids. Just 4 capsules daily have the nutritional value of 3 servings of raw vegetables. Although most known for its ability to lower cholesterol naturally, alfalfa is also known to increase energy, assist with kidney stones and improve the immune system. You can find out more about Alfalfa by visiting this page: Benefits Of Alfalfa

Most forms of over the counter alfalfa come in a powder. Powdered alfalfa tastes horrible and is a chore to consume on a regualr basis. Using the same source of alfalfa and the same processing techniques, used to make Alfalfa Powder, NEWtritional Health Care has developed the most powerful alfalfa capsule ever. Now you can lower cholesterol naturally without the bitterness and grit of a powder.

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