Joint inflammation is the bodies reaction to various diseases or conditions. Joint inflammation can occur because of injury, including fractures, or the resurfacing of old injuries. Joint inflammation can also occur because of infection, usually caused by bacteria or viruses.Unfortunately, the most common cause of joint inflammation is arthritis. The body responds to these conditions by increasing blood flow to the area. The increased blood flow brings white blood cells and body chemicals to combat the condition. The result is joint inflammation.


There are more than 100 kinds of arthritis, many of which cause joint inflammation. Here are some of the most common joint inflammation causing forms or arthritis.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and joint inflammation. Osteoarthritis causes tiny growths, called spurs, to grow on the bones of joints. These spurs irritate the surrounding muscles, tendons and ligaments causing joint inflammation.

Gout causes intense pain in attacks of pin point joint inflammation, usually confined to the big toe. Gout joint inflammation comes from crystals of uric acid which get lodged in the joint like slivers of glass.

Rheumatoid arthritis is a much less common form of arthritis and cause of joint inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the bodies immune system thinks that the joints themselves are an infection. The immune system will attack the joints causing painful joint inflammation.


You may find some relief for arthritis joint inflammation by using moist heat. You can use a moist heating pad or wet a towel, put it in the clothes dryer until it is warm, but still damp, and wrap the swollen joint. Mild exercise may also provide relief from joint inflammation caused by arthritis. Moving the swollen joint in a full range of movement, without straining, may stimulate the muscles to reject the debris caused by inflammation allowing the body's lymph system to carry the debris away.

You may also find some relief for joint inflammation by using a splint to keep the joint stable. Your doctor can tell you if a splint is appropriate, how to apply a splint and how long a splint should be worn.

Anti-inflammatory medicines, such as Tylenol, may provide temporary relief for joint inflammation. However, synthetic medications have a long list of side effects, especially stomach problems. Prolonged use of synthetic drugs for joint inflammation is not recommended.


There are many natural products which can help with joint inflammation. NEWtritional Health Care recommends ULTRA JOINT HEALTH. Ultra Joint Health includes all natural vitamins and minerals, such as MSM, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium and Glucosamine, specifically formulated to assist Joint health. This formula is based on pH balance, electrolyte minerals and vitamin C complex as catalysts for more rapid and effective healing properties. Alkaline minerals aid in rapidly reducing the metabolic acidity that is associated with inflammatory conditions. Electrolytes are balanced to aid in moving the formula into the cellular structure at a more rapid rate and the Vitamin C complex is potentiated (meaning to make more powerful). The vitamin C complex contains bioflavonoids, which increase the effectiveness of Vitamin C by preventing it from being destroyed by oxidation in the body. You will be able to realize faster relief and need less of the primary ingredients for relief than you would need if you took a similar formula that does not contain this pH balanced approach.

Ultra Joint Health contains MSM, a safe and stable form of sulfur that can be immediately absorbed into the body. Sulfur is the fourth most needed element in human nutrition because it is involved in nearly every metabolic process in the body and is essential in the regeneration and nourishment of healthy cells. MSM prevents cells from becoming rigid, promotes elasticity, speeds healing following injury and gives an added boost to regeneration and repair of damaged joint tissues. MSM has also been proven to be a very effective anti-inflammatory. Inflammation can be one of the causes of swollen joints. Please see the MSM CAPSULES, MSM LOTION, or MSM Powder pages for more information about MSM.

Ultra Joint Health contains Glucosamine sulfate. Glucosamine is a natural substance consisting of glucose and glutamine that bolsters structural cartilage. Glucosamine studies have shown that with regular use it can aid in rebuilding damaged joints, tendons, cartilage and soft tissue. Glucosamine sulfate is critical to smooth, flexible joint movement. Glucosamine is the key component of connective tissues providing joints with elasticity and longevity. It is an essential building block for bones, ligaments, nails, skin and numerous tissues and a primary constituent of the protein groups, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans of cartilage cells. These proteins are essential for proper joint tissue function. Investigators in Europe determined that joint inflammation, joint stiffness, joint pain and joint tenderness were significantly reduced by giving 1500 subjects 500 mg of Glucosamine three times daily. Many studies have suggested that glucosamine sulfate is the most effective form of glucosamine because it is more readily absorbed into the body. According to these studies, glucosamine can reduce pain and repair damaged cartilage and joint tissue.

Ultra Joint Health also includes supporting nutrients such as Boswelia, a natural anti-inflammatory, and dL Phenylalanine, a natural pain inhibitor. We have added essential fatty acids in the form of borage powder. Borage powder is the essential provider of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA). GLA is an Omega 6 essential fatty acid that is essential for immune system functioning and cell metabolism. GLA makes prostaglandin's which promote relaxation of the muscles that may otherwise cramp (cramped muscles can cause swollen joints). GLA enhances blood flow by relaxing blood vessels. More blood flow means more oxygen is available to muscles, which will lead to increased stamina. Other positive effects of essential fatty acids include energy production, maintenance of body temperature, insulation of nerves, protection of body tissue, establishment of cellular metabolism, antioxidant activity, cardiovascular protection, anti-microbial activity and tumor inhibition.

Ginseng (a Bioflavonoid) has been added to the proprietary blend to increase energy, counter the effects of stress and enhance intellectual and physical performance. It has been used for centuries in Asia as a restorative agent to aid in the general promotion of good health and to improve stamina, breathing, coordination and immunity. We also added Ginkgo Biloba, known to increase peripheral blood flow and to inhibit PAF (Platelet Activating Factor), thereby decreasing clot formation and improving circulation. Since high levels of PAF are associated with the aging process, researchers believe that Ginkgo Biloba may slow the aging process. Vitamin B6 is water soluble (will not build up in the body but instead flushes out of the body in the urine) is required for the production of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter that controls our moods, appetite, sleep and, most important to people that suffer swollen joints, sensitivity to pain.

ULTRA JOINT HEALTH is an amazing product specifically formulated for joint health. NHC highly recommends this product to anyone that suffers from joint inflammation, joint stiffness or any condition that can impact the joints.

NHC also recommends Arthro-Pain Cream - For Arthritis Pain Relief, Aching Joint Pain Relief and Sore Muscle Relief. This product uses all natural ingredients that have proven to be effective for arthritis pain relief.

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