Colloidal minerals are products said to be water-leached from shale in the Emery Coal Field of central Utah. These shale deposits are the results of compressed, plant life determined to be the remains of a 100 million year old rainforest. The story goes that Thomas Jefferson Clark, an ailing rancher was told about a healing stream by Chief Soaring Eagle, a Paiute medicine man and elder. Supposedly these healing waters were known and used for hundreds of years by the local natives. Clark drank these miracle waters and quickly recovered from his malady. He then traced these waters back to their source, organic rich shale's. By 1931 Mr. Clark was selling his own tonic rich in "colloidal minerals".


Please note that a lot of marketers are marketing "plant derived" colloidal minerals. They are correct in that fact because at one time, 100 million years ago, these minerals were plants in a rainforest. However, they are still obtained by the same method as "regular" colloidal minerals. Shale is mined, crushed, ground to a powder-like consistency, and placed into large stainless steel vats. The vats are then submerged in cool, contaminant free water at low temperatures. After 3-4 weeks, water-soluble components of the shale enter into the water and becomes a solution called leachate. The bitter-tasting leachate is siphoned off, filtered and ready for use as a colloidal mineral supplement.


Although colloidal minerals are hyped as being 95% absorbable, there is no documented evidence to support this claim. Another claim is that colloidal minerals are "negatively charged, hence increase intestinal tract absorption." The wall of the lumen of the small intestine, where many minerals are absorbed, when at a neutral pH of 7, is negatively charged. Since similar charges oppose each other, the intestinal walls would repel negatively charged colloidal minerals, hampering the absorption rate. The mineral content in colloidal minerals depends on the mineral content of the original shale it is made from. This can cause the concentration of the minerals to be very random. Minerals and trace elements are interdependent, that means they work best when the ratio of minerals and trace minerals are balanced. With colloidal minerals the ratios are random and therefore not optimized. Additionally, colloidal minerals are often high in aluminum content. Aluminum is considered a "toxic" element.


We DEFINITELY need most of the trace minerals that colloidal minerals offer. What we do not need is the FORM of the minerals that colloidal minerals offer. There are 7 major minerals that we MUST have to sustain life. These minerals are: calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, sodium and chlorine. The human body needs at least 100 mg of each of these minerals. There are at least 75 other trace minerals. Trace minerals are minerals that the body needs for optimum health, but they are needed in doses less than 100 mg. The problem is the fact that due to today's farming practices, the soil our food supply is grown in is depleted of trace minerals. The land is not ever allowed to lay fallow, although the Bible tells us to let our land lay fallow once every 7 years. The crops are not rotated regularly. The fertilizer's that farmers use only replace 3 of the major minerals (potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus) and none of the trace minerals.


Minerals are the building blocks of the body. Every living cell of the human body depends on minerals for proper structure and function. Insuring that you have the proper minerals can be the key to good health. Although no one has yet to spend the millions and millions of dollars required to do a FDA approved study (and the FDA refuses to do any nutritional supplement studies) some of the reported effects of mineral deficiency include:
  • Gray Hair can be the result of a copper deficiency
  • Cardiomyopathy is the result of a selenium deficiency (although there can be other causes)
  • Male-pattern baldness can be the result of a tin deficiency
  • Diabetes and hypoglycemia can be due to vanadium and chromium deficiencies
  • Periodontal disease can be the result of a calcium deficiency

    See the TRACE MINERAL DROPS - page for information on trace mineral's effect on cancer patients.


    Yes! A very good alternative to colloidal minerals are called chelated minerals. Minerals by themselves are extremely difficult for the body to absorb Chelated minerals are bonded to an amino acid. The body will recognize the amino acid as food and will absorb it, along with the attached mineral, and put them to use. It is generally recognized that chelated minerals are the best absorbed.

    TRACE MINERAL DROPS - from NEWtritional Health Care is specially formulated to provide the right minerals, in the right amount, and in the right form for proper supplementation. Trace Mineral Drops uses only chelated minerals for maximum absorption by the body.

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